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We Care to The Core.

We strive to establish strong and reliable connections between our patients and the top-notch neurologists and neurosurgeons in Egypt while ensuring a safe, comfortable, and exceptional treatment experience. Our clinics are designed to be modern, clean, and welcoming to any patient.

“I had the best treatment experience with Core Clinics. Was a brilliant journey.”

James PatrickCEO, Owl Corp

We provide a full spectrum of services: Neuroscience, neurology, physiotherapy, and pain management.


Our treatment incorporates both non-operative and operative administration ...


Core Clinics provides neurology treatments that help ...

Pain Management

We help our patients in managing their pain and bypass surgery ...


We're proud to host physiotherapists who play a vital role in your healing ...

Why Core Clinics?

  • The only comprehensive neuroscience clinic in Egypt.
  • Never less than a world-class treatment experience.
  • Applying the committee style. Decisions are taken by a team.
  • Complete treatment journey, pre and post-operation.
  • Advanced EHR system to keep patients’ records updated.
  • Using the latest treatment technologies & methodologies.

The best neurologists, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, and neurophysiologists in Egypt & MEA.

Dr-Amr Elsamman-Neurosurgeon - Core Clinics - best neurosurgeon in Egypt

Dr. Amr ElSamman


With over 20 years of experience as a Neurosurgeon he has successfully performed over 3000 surgical procedures ..

Dr-Walid Al Halabi - Neurosurgeon - Core Clinics - Best Neurosurgeon in Egypt and middle east

Dr. Walid Alhalaby


Dr. ElHalaby is the award winner for the Award of Excellence from the Cairo Neurosurgical Department ..

Dr Sandra Mohamed - best Neurologist in Egypt and one of Core Clinics doctors

Dr. Sandra Mohamed


Dr. Sandara is a specialist in treating strokes, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, movement disorders, and headaches ..

Dr. Hayat Mostafa | The Best Physiotherapist doctor in Egypt - One of Core Clinics doctors

Dr. Hayat Mostafa


Hayat has over 14 years of experience in both Cardiopulmonary and Musculoskeletal rehabilitation ..

Dr Farouk Hassan best Interventional Neuroradiology Doctor in Egypt and one of core clinics doctors

Dr. Farouk Hassan


Dr. Youssef has over 15 years of practice in Radiology and other interventional procedures, including embolisation ..

Dr-Radwa Bakry-neurophysiology - CoreClinics - best neurosurgeon in Egypt

Dr. Radwa Bakry


Dr. Radwa is an American Board Certified Clinical Neurophysiologist with special competency in epilepsy ..

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