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Dr. Radwa Bakry

Dr. Radwa is a neurophysiologist with over 10 years of experience in epilepsy treatment. She is an American Board Certified Clinical Neurophysiologist with special competency in epilepsy monitoring and intraoperative monitoring and a Canadian Clinical Neurophysiology Diplomate in EEG. She trained in two of the major clinical neurophysiology and epilepsy centers in the world: Austin Health in Melbourne, Australia, and Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Canada.

She has published 36 papers (25 of them as first author) in high-ranking journals and has written three book chapters. She has received numerous awards, including the Chancellor’s Prize and Dean’s Award for Excellence, Commendation for the Premier’s Award for Medical Research, the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship, the Early Career NHMRC Award, and multiple Young Investigator Awards from Australian and international organizations. She has also been invited to present at many of the top universities around the world, including Stanford University and the Albert Einstein Institute (USA), Queen Square and King’s College (UK), Johann Wolfgang Goethe University and Marburg University (Germany), and the University School of Medicine and Ospedale Maggiore and the University of Bologna (Italy), as well as at many international conferences.

Dr. Radwa is a highly skilled and experienced neurophysiologist who is dedicated to providing her patients with the best possible care. She is a valuable asset to the neurophysiology community and Core Clinics.